Minutes From Winter 2007 Executive Meeting

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Minutes From Winter 2007 Executive Meeting

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Sharbot Lake Property Owners’ Association
Winter 2007 Executive Meeting
Bill Wilson's Place
20 January 2007

Attendance: Rem Westland, Bill Wilson, Ken Waller, Paul King, Roger Henry
Members attending: Barb Wilson, Joyce Waller, Sharon King

Agenda for the Meeting
  1. General discussion: all
  2. Updates for the Annual General Meeting, July 2007: Rem Westland
  3. Preparations for the Fish Fry, July 2007: Bill Wilson
  4. Other business: all
  5. Next meeting.
Highlights of the Discussion:
  • Bill Wilson observed that a Newsletter for the Spring of 2007 will not be available unless he has support in pulling it together. Rem Westland undertook to follow up on this with Bill.
  • Ken Waller reported that his membership drive is proceeding well. Membership now stands at 193, and may yet increase some more. This brings us back to the numbers of three years ago. All those present indicated their satisfaction with these numbers.
  • The Association currently has $3,037.00 in its account. Ken’s assessment is that the Association is in good shape heading into the 2007 calendar year.
  • For the AGM Rem and Ken affirmed the following:
    1. The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority have confirmed that they will attend and present findings on the latest study of the lake. This will be the main item on the agenda for the meeting.
    2. The new Mayor has confirmed her intention to attend the opening of the AGM. This will be the introductory item on the agenda.
    3. The Oso Town Hall has been rented for the AGM, on 21 July 2007, to run from 1000 hrs to 1200 hrs.
    4. Rem will follow up with Susan Lee and with the Mayor closer to the date of the event.
    5. Ken has reserved the Legion for the Reps Meeting on 16 June and will handle the agenda for the meeting.
    6. Advertising for the event will have to be good. Given the importance of the presentations (Mayor, and MVCA) we can expect a good turnout, which will give a good heads-up to people about the fishfry, and may also prompt a number of folk to join the Association.
  • There was an extensive discussion on this subject, as had been intended by the Executive. Only a few of the highlights are reported in these minutes.
  • Bill and Barb are in the lead. As we get closer to the event Bill and Barb, who will have a wedding to go to, will arrange a hand-off to Rem and Marie.
  • Ken will ensure the Oso Town Hall (including kitchen) is reserved for the day and times of the Fishfry.
  • The main undertaking in support of the event’s success will be effective communication.
  • Ken Waller will prepare 6 “sandwich boards” on which to display information. The likely locations of the boards (depends upon approvals from land owners) are likely to be: Sharbot Lake Campground; Petro Canada or Esso; Grey’s; Timb r Mart; Gardening Centre; Elizabeth Street turn off Hwy 38.
  • Bill will ensure information appears in the Frontenac News, possibly also in the columns reporting from areas like Parham.
  • The Association’s Website will also be used to advertise the event, along with email “ticklers”.
  • Bill and Barb will ensure we have summary information on the fishfry available on 81/2x11 paper. This summary information would be duplicated upon the sandwich boards and will be used as flyers that can be widely distributed at locations such as Grey’s, Jazz, and the Grocery Store.
Other Business
  • Roger had a deck on hand which informed the Executive on latest developments regarding rural municipalities’ consideration of the unassumed and private road issues.
  • The discussion led to a summary of realistic options, among which a project for the SLPOA over the next two calendar years may lie.
  • The possible project would be to promote an approach towards unassumed and private roads by Central Frontenac which has the following two components:
    1. Steady pressure upon, and suggestions to, the Municipal Council regarding ways in which the requirements for unassumed and private roads to be taken over by the Township can be made easier to meet.
    2. A well developed proposal to the Council regarding a possible fund ($5,000 to start?) accessible by “qualified” unassumed and private road owners/associations to help with costs of repair and upgrade. SLPOA may even wish to propose a management structure overseeing allocations from the fund that will take pressure off elected officials.
  • Rem will propose wording for this project that allows it to be voted upon at the AGM in July.
  • Bill observed that the information flyer on Sharbot Lake and the SLPOA, along the lines of the Eagle Lake example reviewed at our previous meeting, will not be undertaken by Roberta owing to other pressures and engagements. Rem volunteered to see what he could do and will report at the next meeting.
Next Meeting
  • The next meeting will be at Paul’s place, 12 May 2007, starting 10:00 am.
  • The main agenda items will be: confirm preparations for the Reps meeting; confirm preparations for the AGM; update status of the Fishfry; update status of the Spring Newsletter and the Sharbot Lake information flyer.
  • See you all in May!!
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