Minutes From Fall 2006 Executive Meeting

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Minutes From Fall 2006 Executive Meeting

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Sharbot Lake Property Owners’ Association
Fall 2006 Executive Meeting
Ken Waller's Place
19 November 2006


Rem Westland, Bill Wilson, Ken Waller, Paul King, Roberta Anderson, Roger Henry

Highlights of the Meeting:

General discussion

The Executive considered the results of the Municipal election of November 13 and agreed that the Association should stay in touch with the elected members of the Council and Mayor with whom we had considerable contact during the election itself.

We agreed that the neutral stance of the Executive was correct and was part of the reason the President and Vice President were welcome in their role as moderator of All Candidate Meetings in Sharbot Lake and in Arden.

It was agreed that the Association’s Web Site will retain the Forum exchanges displayed during the election, to provide a reference point when we assess the follow through of the new Council.

Brochure to Attract Members

We reviewed again the contents of the Eagle Lake brochure and agreed that Roberta will propose content for a brochure that focuses upon our Association and Lake.

The brochure the SLPOA is looking for will:
- have the clear purpose of attracting new members - be an 81/2 by 11 page with three folds (Eagle Lake example) - provide information, in order of priority, upon: who we are; why to join; how to join; and, reference to the Web Site that includes a few words of description - the reason for joining will be supported by a bit of background about what the Association has done and also on the Lake itself.

Interest in Road Maintenance

Bill Wilson provided information on a Tay Valley report (www.tayvalleytwp.ca) that Roger Henry undertook to review.
Depending upon what Roger learns and advises, the Association may want to make interest in road maintenance a major business line for the coming years.

Clean Water Act

It was agreed that the Executive should be informed about this Act and help the new Council achieve benefits for our area and for our members if we prove to be eligible for programs pursuant to this Act.

Regular Business: Report on Finances

Ken Waller observed that the Association’s membership drive is on track for a possible 250 members for the year. If this number is achieved it will bring us back into line with the norm of a few years ago.

The balance in the Association account stands at $2947.13. Expenses ($4629.20) exceeded revenues ($3650.46) so far this fiscal year. This was not considered to be a cause for concern because the major costs in this year were a small loss from the Fish Fry (expected to not recur in 2007) and a one-time purchase of insurance that will be in place for three years. In addition, further income is expected from membership renewals.

Regular Business: Communications Report

Bill Wilson reported that the Web Site is running well and drawing about 100 hits a day. This will be the focus of Bill’s communications work over most of the Winter and Spring.

Owing to time pressures and other work of Executive members the Association may not be able to pull a Winter/Spring Newsletter together. This will be reconsidered at the next Executive meeting.

The Executive agreed that advertising in the Newsletter will be welcomed, subject to approval of content by Bill Wilson. Advertisers will be charged $50.00 for a business card size display, and will have the benefit of Web Site display because the Newsletter is replicated on the Web Site.
Bill Wilson distributed shirts and sweatshirts purchased by Executive members that show the logo of the Association. We have been branded.

Regular Business: Environment

Paul King reported upon developments regarding the 5-year analysis of Sharbot Lake’s water condition and agreed that the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority are likely to be in a position to share data at the AGM in July 2007. Rem Westland and Paul will follow up upon this.

Paul observed that a contact at Waste Management Canada may want to be part of the AGM as well. Again, Rem and Paul will follow up upon this.
Finally, Paul observed that the Association has lost its link to the Lake Steward Program that used to be a center piece of the Association’s business. It was agreed that Paul will follow up upon this matter with people in the area, especially former Association Executive members, who may be able to help us get a solid handle on the Lake Steward Program and determine our role.

Regular Business: Annual General Meeting

The next AGM will be at the Oso Town Hall on 21 July 2007. It will be preceded by the Annual Area Reps Meeting on 16 June 2007 at the Legion. Ken Waller undertook to ensure that reservations are in place for both these events.

New Regular Business: Fish Fry

The Fish Fry will be at the Oso Town Hall on 28 July 2007. Ken Waller and Bill Wilson will ensure reservations are in place for that event.
It was agreed that persons interested in being part of the success of the next Fish Fry event will be invited to the next Executive meeting in January, for which the Fish Fry will be the main topic.

New Business

In addition to the undertakings above, we agreed upon the following items of business between now and the July AGM:
  • Roberta Anderson will learn more about the Bob’s and Crow Lake Plans, and advise on whether the SLPOA should organize itself to develop and propose a plan for our area that could be submitted to the Municipal Council for consideration.
  • Rem Westland will propose a letter from the Association to the Town clerk – copy to the councilors with responsibilities in our area – in which we request information on construction on Powel Lane that appears remarkably close to the water. The letter will clearly position the Association as interested in the information itself, rather than in taking sides if there are any issues arising.
  • Rem Westland will propose a letter from the Association to the Mayor, copy to councilors, inviting her to attend the July AGM. The letter will recall the new Mayor’s interest in promoting proper disposal of hazardous waste and will ask that she share her intentions with our membership in this regard.
Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Executive will be 20 January 2007, at Bill Wilson’s place. The agenda for the meeting will be updates on any of the above matters, on regular business, and on the Fish Fry preparations.
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