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Loon Report

Post by admin » Tue Oct 06, 2015 8:32 am

Originally posted by Rem Westland - 07/10/2013

Under the leadership of Charmaine Jones, Pam Hickman, and others, this year's survey (2013) has demonstrated that the East Basin supported about 20 adult loons and 5 chicks were spotted in the course of the Summer. The West Basin saw 17 or 18 adults and only one mature chick. There had been mention of a further 2 chicks seen in June or July but no confirmation was possible in the August Count.

The report "Bird Studies Canada" observes that loons are in slow decline all across the country, but does not postulate on the factors which have caused this. Since loons are birds that feed mostly on a diet of fish, and since both the loons and their prey depend upon water quality to a large extent (what are the standards that matter most?) it can be assumed that the decline of the loon population is not a good thing.

Note to Charmaine/Pam: if you can attach a copy of your study results, please do so. And please feel free to take over the input of content to this subject from here onwards! Thanks...
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