Message from Frances Smith (2014 Election)

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Message from Frances Smith (2014 Election)

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Originally posted by Kevin Browne - 07/05/2014

Thanks to your President Kevin for inviting me to write something for your Spring Newsletter.
As most of you know, I have been your OSO District representative for many years now. I have always tried to represent both permanent and seasonal residents equally; we all have a vested interest in having a healthy viable community to live in. I have decided it is time to take the lead at the Council table by becoming the Mayor for the next term with your support.
Your association is to be commended for all the hard work that was done in developing your Lake Management Plan as well as the continued work on your website. Both are excellent promoters of our area, both send the message that we care about our Lake and that we all play a part in keeping it healthy. I believe that new property owners will benefit from being able to access both of these sources of information. Congratulations to everyone who contributes so much to your Association.
I will take this opportunity to tell you a little about myself. I was born and raised in Central Frontenac; I have raised my children here and now watch my grandchildren grow up here. We really do live in beautiful place and I will work hard to continue to make this a place where we all want to live and play.
I started my Municipal career as the Clerk-Treasurer for Oso Township in 1978 which lasted about 5 years. I then went on to become the Reeve of Oso for 6 years and was also the Warden of Frontenac County when the Province decided that Kingston-Frontenac would be the first area to complete an amalgamation of 14 Municipalities into one. It was a very difficult time and no one really knew what would work or what the best solution would be. We went from a County Council membership of 29 to 4 members and from a County to a Board of Management. This has since changed back to a County with 8 members which is a much better number to carry out the work of the County.
I presently chair the Committee of Adjustment, Chair of the Community Advisory Committee for the Family Health Team, Chair the Multi Use Cultural Committee and am a member of the Board of Directors for the Incorporated Family Health Team; I have been involved in most of these committees since their beginning.
I can’t promise you a decrease in taxes but I can promise you that I will always scrutinized expenditures carefully and I am a believer in looking at all the options not just the easy way. I know, as owners of waterfront properties, you pay large amounts of property taxes due to your high assessments. I also know that many of our tax payers are on fixed income, both waterfront and non waterfront owners who also depend on us to keep taxes to a minimum.
I am sincere, dedicated, conscientious and knowledgeable. I will work hard for this Township and the residents. I believe we need to continue to protect the environment and partnering with each other will keep us strong and make this an even better place to live, work and play. Our lakes, rivers and streams are huge assets to this Township and it is up to all of us to protect them. Thank you for your time and I would ask for your support in the upcoming election!!
Frances Smith
You can reach Frances Smith by email at or by phone at 613-279-3144.

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