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Township Council Meeting on Septic Re-inspection

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2015 9:58 am
by admin
Originally posted by Ken Waller - 22/09/2013

Hi Everyone,
Attached is a copy of the presentation being made to CF Township Council on Tue 24 Sep at 6:30 pm in Picadilly Hall. If anyone is available and can attend in support, it would help send a strong message to Council. I, unfortunately will be in Phoenix and unable to attend. The presentation will be made by Terry Kennedy (Co- chair Kennebec Lake Association and Irv Dardick (President of Eagle Lake POA).
It is hoped that Council will table and approve a motion “to investigate the formulation and implementation of a comprehensive septic system re-inspection program for the township and further that Council establish a committee to undertake this investigation” and that the committee include representatives of Council, Township staff and members of the Working group. Regardless of the outcome, the working group will continue.

Ken Waller