Lake Networking Group Meeting - April 8, 2016 minutes

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Lake Networking Group Meeting - April 8, 2016 minutes

Post by Sharbot » Tue Apr 26, 2016 11:31 am

April 8, 2016; Burgess Hall, 4174 Narrow Locks Road

Next Meeting: Friday, September 30, 2016, 9:30 a.m., at the Burgess Hall
1. Welcome to the attendees by Karen Hunt and introductions by representatives of the lake associations in attendance.
Attending –
Lake Association Representatives - Larry Arpaia, Mac Prescott (Greater Bobs and Crow); Anita Payne (Black Lake); Jackie Stapledon, (Farren Lake); Donna Doelman (Bennett and Fagan Lake), Rob Bell, Jim Tye (Mississippi Lake); Dave Bell, Murray Hunt (Otty Lake); Larry Bowen (Christie Lake); Art Dunham (Big Clear Lake), Gord Rodgers (14 Island/Mink Lake); Judy Hall, (Dalhousie Lake); Jim and Mary Lynne Holton (Canonto Lake); Brian Hawkins (Big Rideau Lake); Jayne MacDonald (Upper Rideau Lake); Barbara King (O’Brien Lake/ Watersheds Canada); Kevin Browne, Barbara Fradkin (Sharbot Lake Property Owners Association); Gary McElwain (Davern Lake); Terry Kimmel (Pike Lake); Irv Dardick (Eagle Lake); Terry Kennedy (Kennebec Lake); David Taylor (FoTW); Kay Rogers (200th Anniversary); Karen Hunt (Lake Networking Group);
Agency Representatives – Kaitlin Brady, Meaghan McDonald (Rideau Valley Conservation Authority); Alyson Symon, (Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority);
Regrets –Reid Kilburn (Otty Lake); Julie Burke, Fred Goddard (Adam Lake), Donna Walsh (Christie Lake)
2. Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority Update – Alyson Symon
Lake Monitoring
3. Rideau Valley Conservation Authority Update – Kaitlin Brady & Meaghan McDonald
4. Water Rangers: Kat Kavanagh
5. FOCA update: Terry Kennedy
6. Lake Links 2016 Meeting: Civitan Hall, Perth, Saturday, October 22, 2016
7. Leeds, Grenville and Lanark Health Unit
8. Lanark Stewardship Council Wild Parsnip Workshop
9. Spring OPP/Lake Association Meeting
10. 200th Anniversary Information – Kay Rogers
11. Lake Association’s Updates

For more details please review the meeting minutes attached to this posting.
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