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2016 Photo Contest Submissions

Posted: Wed Aug 10, 2016 8:28 am
by admin
There were 46 photos submitted from 21 Individuals. The following contest winners were announced at the 2016 AGM:

First Prize: FinePix XP90 Camera
Winner: Sheila Waller
Fishing at Sunset
Judges comments:
This picture is pure cottage nostalgia. The fisherman is beautifully profiled in the foreground and set perfectly against the saturated sunset. More than ticking all the technical boxes, what really won us over was this photo’s artistic merit and overall impact. The mood is serene: A warm sky, calm lake, rod down and reeling in moment. We thought it is a perfect end of the day, “On Golden Pond” picture.
Sheila Waller  - Fishing at Sunset.jpg
Sheila Waller - Fishing at Sunset.jpg (204.19 KiB) Viewed 2499 times
Second Prize: $50 Gift Certificate to Sharbot Lake Country Inn
Winner: Larry Vollick
Loon on the Lake
Judges’ comments:
Colour and contrast take centre stage with close second. We loved the way the sharp lines and strong contrast of the loon’s feathers were accentuated by the soft waves of the lake. The loon’s black and white plumage pops against the gorgeous blue of the water. And the piece de resistance was the red punctuation of the loon’s eye. Besides, what’s a lake without a loon?
Larry Vollick-Loon.jpg
Larry Vollick-Loon.jpg (175.58 KiB) Viewed 2499 times
Third Prize: Two Cineplex Movie Tickets
Winner: Tom MacRae
5 AM in our Bay
Judges’ comments:
While we all liked something different (the sunrise, the mist, or the mood), we all agreed on the overall composition of this one. This picture had nice balance and the kayak helps situate the viewer into the scene. Very peaceful and engaging.
Tom MacRae-Kayak.jpeg
Tom MacRae-Kayak.jpeg (57.63 KiB) Viewed 2499 times
Honorable Mention
Winner: Bob McWillams
Reflections on Sharbot Lake
Judges’ comments:
A great mirror image, the clear sky and (remarkably) no wake from the boat of the photographer contribute to the tranquil feeling of this on.
Bob McWilliams-Reflections.JPG
Bob McWilliams-Reflections.JPG (5.81 MiB) Viewed 2499 times
First and Third Prize were donated by Systematix IT, Second Prize donated by SLPOA.